Saturday, August 1, 2009

Creation, what is it?

Creation, what is it?

This is the topic of this blog. In a state of observation I recognized that every spoken or written word can be a creation. Or should I have said it is creation? Absolutely there is a palpable energy when writing or speaking words from thoughts ideas and or visions. Here is an example of 2 scenarios of creation with spoken words:

You are listening to someone (anyone at all) who is talking about any topic, they begin to express themselves say as an example, in anger over the high taxes they and others have been made to pay. Now prior to this you were in a “neutral” space within yourself not having brought any emotions to this point prior to the conversation with this “someone”. As you are listening to this person you begin to feel the emotions rise up within yourself as you are in agreement with the statements being made (you already were in agreement prior to being in this place of listening to this person, but was not specifically listening to them for that reason). As the words continue to flow into the “space” of your hearing and you begin to feel your own anger or sadness (the emotion itself is not what is important, but rather an emotion begins to build) keep building. Soon you find yourself being very angry, etc. and thus now the creation of the emotion anger (or again whatever it triggers in you) begins to grow to encompass you both. This is pure creation in motion.

Example 2:

You take that same scenario but now we are going to add some more dimensions to it. So as you have created a sphere between the 2 people of emotion (whatever it is) you now have others who have been listening to this exchange between the 2 individuals – soon someone interrupts this exchange (or steps into this sphere of your creation) and begins to explain why you should not believe the way that you do about the topic. This has created another sphere that has overlapped into the first one and extends outside that sphere yet connected because of the energetic connections within the original sphere. Now, you may have another person who they too step into the original sphere and make a statement why all of you are not correct or perhaps they just share a different view from a “neutral” point. This too is a sphere that interacts within the original sphere and the secondary sphere now creating a 3rd sphere. So now you get the point of creation.

So what happens next? After this above example of a situation, these people go back to their own homes, lives etc. But what they may also do is to take these spheres of creation with them as it has been an exchange that they have invested in so to speak. They begin now to talk with others about this topic(s) they have become emotionally invested in and of course those that are listening to this will exhibit their own emotions to this and so the sphere of creation continues to grow.

Now let’s pull this into what is going on in the now time. We are surrounded by doomsday prophecies, end times, 2012, forced vaccinations, Earth changes, Conspiracies, Extra-terrestrials, and the famous TPTB (powers that be, illuminati, shadow government), etc. When you take all of the above topics and put them into one sphere you can see how absolutely huge this is. It has its own field if you will, that keeps growing every time you interact with it and continues to grow second by second. So if you view these spheres as fields of information, the information pouring into it does not decrease in size it gets bigger.

Now when we look at human history and what some call collective consciousness that too is its own sphere or field of information. Another term that has been used for this field is Genetic mind. I personally rather like that term. For me, it is more accurate. In this field we have all things that we have ever been. Think about that. That is quite encompassing is it not? It is almost bigger than you can imagine. So, as we begin to understand that creation is what we do EVERY time we think about something or act/re-act to something this becomes more clear. All through the years we have been told we are co-creators of our world – it is so true! But in order for you to fully understand what that means for yourself you have to ask yourself questions. Is this how I want to express myself? Is this how it has to be? This is truly the act of the magic of creation. It is that simple in its concept. So if you want to have something different or better in your life and the life for all humanity then perhaps not creating anymore levels or depths to the Genetic Mind field in the negative sense, this would be a few questions to ask yourself. What would this look like if the sea of potential and possibility was infinite? What would this look like?

Hmmmmm interesting isn’t it?

So here is something for those of you who wish to contribute to a different genetic field – instead of calling them the TPTB (the powers that be) to: THE POWERS THAT WERE!
This would in effect begin to take away the energy that continually feeds that field so that it is not the prevailing field of our existence. This would be creation in motion.



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isabel said...

Thankyou Rebecca, you have articulated what, i am sure many people have sensed. The Prophet Mohammed (peace apon Him)never criticized anyone. Once when passing by the rotting corpse of a dead dog with his companions who complained of it's stink, He said, Yes, but look how beautifully white its teeth are!'