Tuesday, October 21, 2008

U.F.O. Disclosure Process Has Begun

October 20, 2008 ABC Nightline

Shadow Man, a.k.a. Boogey Man

The following story is a true one; it starts at the age of 3 or 4 years of age so bearing that in mind when trying to relate what you understood and events at that age. I am unable to breathe; I am totally paralyzed with fear. Someone has a pillow over my head and I cannot breathe. I struggle and struggle to get away from the smothering pillow from my face. I realized that if I turned my head one way or the other far enough I was able to capture air. So I did that and as soon as I was able to breathe a bit better I began pushing off the pillow. Instantly it was gone there was no one there, nothing. Even at my young age that just was not right. I felt I knew that from somewhere inside. You do not go through such a paralyzing, fearful state of distress and there is nothing! Another time I awoke and there was someone choking me. Again, I was paralyzed by fear. I opened my eyes and there was the Shadow Man. Why do I call him that? Because that is exactly how he appeared in a silhouette of a shadow but solid. I could make out he wore a hat, had an aqua line nose, he wore gloves and a trench coat. I could not scream I was totally powerless to make any sound at all to alert my parents that there was a man choking me. My little 3 or 4 year old brain was screaming no no! I remember thinking I wish there was someone who could help me. Then he just disappeared. This same scenario went on and on and over and over again. The visits seemed more frequent and more intense. I remember once I had taken a nap in the daytime and he came while I was napping. Again, the same paralyzing fear. After he left that day I went to sit in my closet which I was apt to do when I felt threatened or was retreating for whatever reasons. This is where I first met my guides. As I sat in my closet, (which had no doors on it) I heard someone talking to me, it seemed as if it came from a distance. I looked around and then at the other end of my closet there she sat. The most beautiful presence. All in a white iridescence aura that shimmered as she sat there. She was speaking to me but her lips did not move. I did not think anything strange about it - it seemed natural to me. I began by asking her who she was - my response was a smile. I asked her a lot of questions that day but remember none other than the first question. She stayed for my tea party I gave for her. She became my friend and in her presence I always felt safe and loved. But one day as we were sitting in my closet she talked about the shadow man that had been visiting me. I told her I was afraid of him and she said -do not be afraid, ever. We are here with you. We will always be here with you. Do you understand? I shook my head yes but really did not understand that concept from the perspective of a now 4 year old. Always? Forever? What did that mean? But I felt comforted by her words and the melody that seemed to be a part of her voice. As was now becoming my usual thing to do, I was setting up another tea party for my friend to join me for an afternoon tea party. But this day would be different. Today would be a man whose presence was bigger than life. I was somewhat frightened at first, but when he spoke I recognized the melody in his voice too. I was happy to see him. We spoke for awhile and then he told me that he was going to teach me how to stop the shadow man from hurting me. I said how? So began the lessons of listening to the "voices" of my friends. I remember sitting in that closet with my friends as I now thought of them, getting tons of information that I did not understand mentally and reasonably, but did understand from a depth that was beyond my conscious knowing at the time. The shadow man appeared and I began listening to the voices as they assisted me in the moments of terror brought on by his visits. I struggled to overcome the paralyzing fear of being choked to death. I worked and worked to make a noise any noise as that was the key to stopping the attack. Finally I did it! And just as they said he would, he left! He still kept coming back and each time I grew stronger against the terror and fear. When I was five we moved from that house to the house I grew up in until I got married and left home. Interesting the visits never occurred in that place. The visits though did not stop for whenever I was anywhere else spending the night he would take the opportunity to visit me there. He used to be in the window looking inside at me and I would immediately awaken and start screaming. Once that would happen he would disappear again. Once I became an adult the visits were not very many, but I always sought to understand who and what he was. Then he began to visit me in my dreamtime. He would chase me and I would have that same terror within that I did since a small child. I was intrigued by this wondering how this shadow man could enter my dreams! So began the exploration of dreams. This intertwined with psychology and so I took psychology courses and went to the library to find books on dreams and psychology. I read and read and read. But none seemed to fit the answer specifically of my shadow man. I did not give up on it though. But also was not obsessed with it either. I did not have time as I had 2 children at that time and was a very busy single mom trying to work, raise kids and explore my own consciousness. Not a lot of time! So in my late twenties I met my second husband and had my 3rd and final child. During those days in the late 70's I lived in Michigan and all the jobs were gone, so we moved to mid America and began life over again. It was a good choice to make. This is where I began meeting people who recognized my gifts and I began in earnest to use my gifts and to strengthen them and make myself more than I was. I continued researching the topic of dreams. I found metaphysical books on the subject and again could not read enough. I attended my first psychic fair in the 80's and asked a psychic about the shadow man. The answer she gave was not the answer for me. I thanked her and life went on. I went on with the applications of my studies and found that I could help people with my gifts and talents. So for the next 20 years I did and still do. Through the studies of my dreams though I began to be able to interact within my dreams and became a lucid dreamer. I was able to change the circumstances and the environment of the dream if I did not like it. For what I was told that the dreams of the shadow man were nightmares. Hmmm that did not feel right either. The environment was not an arbitrary dream it is a directed movie so to speak. Whereas the "villain" has stepped into the dream to continue the manipulation of the environment to keep creating the same terror and fear as when I was a child. So suffice to say all those things I read about and was told did not fit for me. As one can imagine spending your life trying to get the answer to a lifelong pursuit and just end up being frustrated, questioning your own sanity among other things. I knew this was important, I did not know why it was important only that it was. I had to find the answer. There was so much more to this that I did not understand and I needed to in order to find some peace with it.Now during the 80's and 90's something else began to take place after my move to the Midwest. It began with sensing people watching me. And also shadow shapes coming in and out of my perspective and view. During this time the "New Age" explosion occurred and with it came information on ET's, Angels, and Guides etc. Along with those who were into the UFO Phenomenon and abductees and contactees alike. Of course all the channeled information like the Michael teachings and then the famous Astrologers, Psychics, all were becoming talked about every day. Then there were those that were sharing the other side of this. Those with the ideas of conspiracies, negative entities, reptilians, untruths, etc. were also on the scene. Wow and it just kept exploding like a kid who had found the cookie jar or for others may have found Pandora's Box. So as things progressed and my own communication with my guides remained strong and deep I continued to explore the whole Shadow man thing. I worked with many types of energy systems I began to experience things that allowed me to utilize the gifts that I had in my everyday life and for others if requested. I also "discovered" gifts that I did not understand. I began having dimensional experiences where I was in two dimensions at the same time. I began going into deep mediations only to come out and draw pictures of what I had witnessed or experienced. I saw visions of events that I did not understand. I communicated with Beings that for others may have frightened them to death. I began experiencing past lives arbitrarily. I was introduced to worlds that were merely energy consciousness. I also began having the ability to be in another persona home or place without even knowing who they were or even why I was there. I even began to exhibit the ability to enter another's dream space if I so chose. After coming to terms with that I quit for it is totally out of integrity for me. And during all these years the questions from me were nonstop to those Guides I communicated with all of my life. I questioned everything. I learned a lot of valuable things along the way and many were painful indeed but once learned and understood, the lesson is over and I do not have to walk those experiences again.In the late 90's after having been single again for many years, I met a man and married and moved from the area. I moved to a remote region in Missouri. I was very isolated there and the activity of the non-tangible world kicked into high gear. The shadow man followed me everywhere, even my husband at the time felt and seen his presence. I sought answers again to try to understand what he wanted and why he followed me all these now 40 plus years. I found none. I again found myself single in 2000 and went on with my life. My gifts were accentuated with acute sensitivity to energies all kinds of energies. Weather energy, Gaia energy, Spirit Energy, thoughts of others would simply be heard by me. I could sense the presence of others that were all around. These gifts or abilities I have always had they just became more so accentuated. Now in the last several years this shadow man thing has really bugged me because I knew he was still around. I began again to question others if they had similar experiences. I did not find any who had had the experiences that I could tell were like mine. So as I delve into more knowledge and understanding of what is going on at this time on the Earth and with humanity I understood many things. I understand that we are being controlled in everything that we do in our life. The fear of not being able to pay our bills, not having enough money or food or clothing. The fear that everything will make you sick or that you will lose your job. That your relationships won't work and on and on it goes. So do you ever wake up and say to yourself? Whose life is this? This is NOT how it is supposed to be! I did. Not anymore though for me I understand this whole process that for me started with my first memories of terror and then communication with my Guides.Now the shadow man has been making his presence known these past two years so much so that everyone can see this around me. In the last few months I tried to ignore the presence by that I mean I did not give it power or attention. So a few weeks ago I was letting the dog out and I stood on the step and there looking in my bedroom window was the shadow man! But somehow he looked a little different - still shadowy but almost watery in his appearance. Hmmmm. So as I was observing him he felt my attention and for the first time in 50 years he looked at me and I saw him clearly and succinctly. His eyes got big and then he ran around the corner and disappeared! Odd. I went back inside and thought about this. I went into mediation and the aha of it all hit me. I totally misunderstood who this was! I thought it was a spirit being. It was not. It was a remote viewer who had abilities to maybe bi-locate? I am not sure about the technology used but it is technology to be sure. The boogey man has been taken out from under the bed and shown for what it is! After this enlightening experience I was having conversations with people and all of a sudden there are others that through their life have experienced a similar person who has terrorized them and they too have felt being watched and all of them were able to use their gifts of ESP and are visionaries as well. So the mystery of the shadow man has been revealed and I can now be better equipped to handle those who step on our free will and invade our space. - Rebecca Jernigan