Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Things Coming

Hi everyone!
It has been a long time since I posted here. Life is moving in very rapid ways right now and I really work on being fluid with the changes.
Several things to talk about today. The first one is a special 3 hour live show with Stewart Swerdlow on Saturday the 19th from 7-10 Pm Central time. This show is for raising much needed funds to continue with the radio show - Journeys with Rebecca. For over 7 years I have brought some of the greatest minds and information to the public. This is part of my mission. To help raise awareness and consciousness, to bring tools and information, to present uncovered truths, to share the messages from those who too have a mission at this time on Earth. I have said it before - this has been almost totally self-funded for all these years. It has become a financial obligation that without support from those who are supported through the Show just simply cannot continue.
As I write here, some of the things going on behind the scenes is a complete overhaul of my website: - it will now have all the components in the website that has been my vision for a very long time. There will be many resources (all free) of videos, articles, etc to be posted. there will be messages from the Elohim with a Q & A section to write questions. Booking a reading will become easier. Accessing archives and new shows will be simple. There will be a new look and feel to the website based on the vision it. I am tossing the idea around of a forum as well. There will be pictures and events as well as Classes and Workshop schedules. So you can see, quite a transformation! All of this will hopefully happen before January 1, 2010!
So please help keep my mission and others going - donate today! Or become a sponsor of the show either with a product or service or just a financial sponsor. Whatever I can do to keep the mission going I am going to focus on. Will you help with this?
Spreading the word, getting other stations to carry the show, talking to your like-minded friends, it all helps!
I have met some incredible people during all of this journey, and have made some new friends along the way too. I know many of you who have too! Let us keep the circle going!
I want to take this time too, to say thank you for those who have supported and are supporting me, Blessings to you.

I am wishing all of you a most Blessed and Peaceful holiday season and a wondrous New Year!
Rebecca Jernigan

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Archives and more

I wanted to address my archives. For over 7 + years I have brought Journeys with Rebecca to the audience, I have brought some of the greatest minds and information to everyone. These people are generous with sharing their knowledge and information with those of you who are seeking. During these 7+ years, I have brought everything at no charge, yet I have many costs associated with the production of the show week after week. All of this has been a true labor of love, the work that I do. I had to make a decision a few weeks ago to charge $1 – yep $1 for the archives so that those who are expending their energy and time and resources could hope to at least off set the costs of keeping and maintain the archives. It has come to my attention that now there are a few who pay that $1 and then post it everywhere, which then takes from those who have provided it. I am asking for you to please honor the process of the archives and spend the $1 to help KROCKS with the maintaining of them Also I know that times are very tough for people and it is no less so for me here at Journeys with Rebecca as a totally self-funded entity for the show. I started asking for donations a bit over a year ago when it obvious to me that my personal funds were not covering the costs of maintaining the show, equipment, etc. So please donations are more than needed right now. So log onto the site: to make a donation, thank you!

Readings are still being offered for $50 off the regular price so check out use the book it now feature to schedule yours or give a gift certificate to someone for a gift!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hi Everyone! I am just now back from the Awake and Aware Conference in LA presented by Project Camelot! What an awesome time it was. More about that in a few days.
In the meantime a new bit of information is that I am back on air!!!
Welcome to my new flagship station KROCKS! Thanks again Mark and everyone! Please check them out. Be sure when visiting their site or mine that you click on the archives and listen to the latest new show that has Stewart Swerdlow and Nancy Ogren!
I am in the process of trying to get my website updated again. I had some problems before I left for LA and the updates did not take, I am working with some great people and should have everything updated before the new show on Saturday Sept 26th!
If you are interested in being on my newsletter list please write to:
I thank you for your support during this transition of Journeys with Rebecca and so much more great stuff coming!
If you can help with all the costs associated in the new direction please use the donation button found on my website in the archive section or if you have a paypal account you can send any donations to:
I am looking forward to being back on air live in just a few weeks!
Thank you again and Blessings to everyone of you!
In honor,

Friday, August 28, 2009


Hi Guys!
Well things have gotten busy here for Journeys with Rebecca and myself personally these past few days since the announcement of parting ways with kconline radio.
These changes are in fact really good! I have had many people in the radio industry support me and I am currently reviewing several options for return to the airwaves very soon. New postings will happen to my website in a few days as well as here on updates to the progress.
As most of you know I am here in the Kansas City area and am looking for a new "home" for the studio. This should happen very soon. I look forward to any suggestions you may have if you will write to me at:
Also wanted to remind everyone that I will be attending the Awake and Aware conference in Los Angeles in September - here is the link for that to get your tickets now! - be sure to check that out. You will have to copy this and paste it into your browser.
I apologize for not getting the webiste as up to date as it can be, I am looking for some assistance to help with this as well.
I wish you all Blessings and I have some GREAT guests that will be back on very soon!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hi Everyone! Well it certainly has been busy around here! I have been putting together a lot of new information to move Journeys with Rebecca into expansion. I have a lot of changes coming up over the next few weeks and as I can will post here what some of them are.
I would like to share an e-mail here with an audience member and a friend who sent this to me a few weeks ago:

Hope this not finds you doing ok. Know you are busy so will keep this short. I would like to present an offer to you and the other listeners. If you can find someone to pay the other half I will pay $125 monthly cost of upgrading the bandwidth. When you have wonderful guests like Cliff High, Kerry Cassidy, etc. the listeners need to be able to hear the show live. I believe your show is a very important element in helping people to continue to awaken and stay current on what is happening in these amazing times.

Love and blessings,

So anyone out there wanting to commit to this please let me know right away! And I must say how generous and beautiful this is!!!!

I am also starting my Quantum Reiki (Usui) classes soon and am still looking for a location in the Kansas City area that could accomodate the needs of the facility for classes and more. Please contact me at:

Keep listening and thanks for your support!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Creation, what is it?

Creation, what is it?

This is the topic of this blog. In a state of observation I recognized that every spoken or written word can be a creation. Or should I have said it is creation? Absolutely there is a palpable energy when writing or speaking words from thoughts ideas and or visions. Here is an example of 2 scenarios of creation with spoken words:

You are listening to someone (anyone at all) who is talking about any topic, they begin to express themselves say as an example, in anger over the high taxes they and others have been made to pay. Now prior to this you were in a “neutral” space within yourself not having brought any emotions to this point prior to the conversation with this “someone”. As you are listening to this person you begin to feel the emotions rise up within yourself as you are in agreement with the statements being made (you already were in agreement prior to being in this place of listening to this person, but was not specifically listening to them for that reason). As the words continue to flow into the “space” of your hearing and you begin to feel your own anger or sadness (the emotion itself is not what is important, but rather an emotion begins to build) keep building. Soon you find yourself being very angry, etc. and thus now the creation of the emotion anger (or again whatever it triggers in you) begins to grow to encompass you both. This is pure creation in motion.

Example 2:

You take that same scenario but now we are going to add some more dimensions to it. So as you have created a sphere between the 2 people of emotion (whatever it is) you now have others who have been listening to this exchange between the 2 individuals – soon someone interrupts this exchange (or steps into this sphere of your creation) and begins to explain why you should not believe the way that you do about the topic. This has created another sphere that has overlapped into the first one and extends outside that sphere yet connected because of the energetic connections within the original sphere. Now, you may have another person who they too step into the original sphere and make a statement why all of you are not correct or perhaps they just share a different view from a “neutral” point. This too is a sphere that interacts within the original sphere and the secondary sphere now creating a 3rd sphere. So now you get the point of creation.

So what happens next? After this above example of a situation, these people go back to their own homes, lives etc. But what they may also do is to take these spheres of creation with them as it has been an exchange that they have invested in so to speak. They begin now to talk with others about this topic(s) they have become emotionally invested in and of course those that are listening to this will exhibit their own emotions to this and so the sphere of creation continues to grow.

Now let’s pull this into what is going on in the now time. We are surrounded by doomsday prophecies, end times, 2012, forced vaccinations, Earth changes, Conspiracies, Extra-terrestrials, and the famous TPTB (powers that be, illuminati, shadow government), etc. When you take all of the above topics and put them into one sphere you can see how absolutely huge this is. It has its own field if you will, that keeps growing every time you interact with it and continues to grow second by second. So if you view these spheres as fields of information, the information pouring into it does not decrease in size it gets bigger.

Now when we look at human history and what some call collective consciousness that too is its own sphere or field of information. Another term that has been used for this field is Genetic mind. I personally rather like that term. For me, it is more accurate. In this field we have all things that we have ever been. Think about that. That is quite encompassing is it not? It is almost bigger than you can imagine. So, as we begin to understand that creation is what we do EVERY time we think about something or act/re-act to something this becomes more clear. All through the years we have been told we are co-creators of our world – it is so true! But in order for you to fully understand what that means for yourself you have to ask yourself questions. Is this how I want to express myself? Is this how it has to be? This is truly the act of the magic of creation. It is that simple in its concept. So if you want to have something different or better in your life and the life for all humanity then perhaps not creating anymore levels or depths to the Genetic Mind field in the negative sense, this would be a few questions to ask yourself. What would this look like if the sea of potential and possibility was infinite? What would this look like?

Hmmmmm interesting isn’t it?

So here is something for those of you who wish to contribute to a different genetic field – instead of calling them the TPTB (the powers that be) to: THE POWERS THAT WERE!
This would in effect begin to take away the energy that continually feeds that field so that it is not the prevailing field of our existence. This would be creation in motion.



Friday, June 12, 2009

The Elohim Speaks, June 12, 2009

(Elohim Picture from David L.)

Day 1

This is a sample of speech to text by Rebecca Jernigan. Hopefully, I will be able to master this program so that I can start posting to my blog spot. I do not use my blog spot as often as I would like. My guides, the Elohim want to share their invaluable information with those who care to listen or read. I will begin by sharing history of the Elohim, their intentions, their purpose and what actually transpired. They, the Elohim, will also be sharing different perspectives on the beginnings of life on this third dimensional planet called earth. They are eager to also answer any questions that arise from those who are reading this text. So until next time, we will share more and we wish you a most blessed day. Thank you

Day 1 – later

We are the Elohim; we welcome you to this venue. We are excited as this process will allow us to speak more often.

We have received many questions from the audience of the radio show journeys with Rebecca. We shall attempt to answer all of the questions that are presented for consideration. Those of you who have written questions we must say they are profound indeed. We are excited to bring forth what information we can share that would make sense to you. Some explanations are difficult at best to put into language, speech, written words that make it comprehensible. This statement is not one of avoidance, rather a statement of explanation. We shall try to bring forth answers and information in a clear concise manner. Once we begin dialoguing more frequently, the better, clearer and depth of information will be forthcoming. We will begin answering questions that were submitted previously over the next week. These answers or explanations are directly related to the open discussion of channeling and us the Elohim. We have much to share and little time to share all things we know. So for the purpose of this exchange we shall attempt to answer only those who have asked questions or share information that we feel is needed in the immediate. We also ask of you those who are reading this, that if this information does not resonate with you then this would not be a place for you to find your Truth. We thank you for your time, in love and remembrance The Elohim

Day 1-continued

We are the Elohim and we welcome you again. This part is an open invitation to send your questions for the Elohim to answer via this venue. We shall ask that you send all enquiries to in the subject line of your email please add: questions for the Elohim. Once we have a few more questions we shall attempt to sort them in areas of similarities. Once completed, we shall begin by repeating the questions we have received followed by answers or information. We can not always answer each and every question we may receive. We ask that you are honorable when you are preparing questions. We are here simply to share what we can for you during this most auspicious time in human “history”.

We thank you for your time, in love and remembrance the Elohim

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Now Available!

2012 Wisdom of The Elohim

As Channeled by Rebecca Jernigan.

Commentary by Marshall Masters.

Purchase at:



“They” have always been with me. I have never known them to ever not be
with me. “They” are my guides who after 40 plus years with me gave me
their identity, “we are the Elohim”. So that is further down the road
here. Let me give you a beginning to this.

I have communicated since my earliest memories to them, always loving,
kind and wise. They never steered me wrong, although I many times chose
not to listen to what they shared with me for my own growth especially
in my teen years and very early 20’s.

As I moved into my 30’s they became an energy source and communicated
with me very clearly and loudly. I began to pay very close attention to
what they were saying. I followed what they shared with me for growth,
wisdom, releasing and embracing new thoughts of consciousness. It was
during this time that a wave of information was coming from others who
had similar messages and information. My world was really opening now. I
had always known that the way life presented by the established criteria
really was not how things were meant to be for any of us. I explored
this deeper and deeper with them through my many hours of meditation and
energy work. Time and time again I was given the timing of learning
about new ways of being, through forms of energy healing, visions and
experiences. I realized during these years that I had shed a lot of what
had been programmed to be “normal”. I began to more and more each day
integrates them into my life and my being. This process in my 30’s
allowed for me to see with clarity how much we had lost our way to
Creator to each other and ourselves. It also allowed me to see how to
find our way back with such a strong connection and conviction that it
was impossible not to see how really everything is divinely playing out
in a beautiful ballet.

In my late 30’s everything shifted again, into a higher gear so to speak
with my “guides”. I had someone who had come to me and asked me what are
your guide’s names? I was stunned! I never ever thought to ask them for
their “name” as they had always been with me and it just never occurred
to me to do that! So I pondered that for a bit and let it go. During an
Energy healing session I was working on a lady and they had been sharing
with me some of the problems she was having and how she could help to
correct some imbalances within her. I heard “We are the Elohim”. I was
surprised and asked them, “who are you”? “We are the Elohim and we are
the ones who have always been with you throughout time”. I had heard of
them but knew nothing of them really. So I asked “who are the Elohim”? I
was told to research and when the time came they would communicate to me
who they were based on the information I acquired through my research.

So research I did, I spoke to many people I read everything on them I
could find. What I concluded was the information was contradictory,
inconclusive and did not feel accurate to me. I now felt I was ready to
ask them again about all of this information that I had gotten as to who
they really were. What a surprise I got.

To fill in a bit more during this same time I delved into channeling,
mediation, all forms of energy healing, crystals, developed my
clairvoyance further, automatic writing, spirit release, non directive
hypnosis, past life regressions, sacred geometry, quantum physics , and
experienced things that have forever changed what I thought was
important or real. Also, during the late 80’s and early 90’s I co-hosted
a local TV show called Psychic voyages for a few years and hosted my own
called Psychic Impressions. I began to facilitate workshops for
Meditation, Self-Empowerment – Reiki – Tarot-The Intuitive Approach,
Past Life Regressions and others. Also I began to be called on to do
clearings and identification of Spirits found in homes or businesses. I
was called upon to find missing children and to solve deaths. I worked
with several Police officers off the record for years and was also
filmed by the Justice Department on a case involving the deaths of
firefighters. I get called on to assist in cases that are of a legal
nature or are in litigation, and to assist business owners in creating
the right mix of people in all levels of their companies to assure that
the right people are in the right places and to uncover areas that are
not working for the company and all concerned.

During the last 10 years the Elohim have been very close and have really
shared who they are what their messages are for anyone who cares to
listen. Although we do not do many public channeling’s they are always
ever present in any conversation.

Their message is this: “We have always been and always will be. We are
your past present and future. We come to tell you that in this time
space you recognize as this life, you have many opportunities to create
a world for the future that will no longer hold the negative forces that
have resided here in the physical world of the Earth. That through
letting go of fear, lack, mistrust and other emotions that make you less
than you are, you can enjoy peace, harmony and a Earth that again is
abundant, teeming with all forms of life and beauty that it will make
the soul sing. Be not afraid of the times ahead, embrace this
magnificent opportunity. We are the Elohim and we love you”.

With Blessings and Love

Rebecca Jernigan