Friday, June 12, 2009

The Elohim Speaks, June 12, 2009

(Elohim Picture from David L.)

Day 1

This is a sample of speech to text by Rebecca Jernigan. Hopefully, I will be able to master this program so that I can start posting to my blog spot. I do not use my blog spot as often as I would like. My guides, the Elohim want to share their invaluable information with those who care to listen or read. I will begin by sharing history of the Elohim, their intentions, their purpose and what actually transpired. They, the Elohim, will also be sharing different perspectives on the beginnings of life on this third dimensional planet called earth. They are eager to also answer any questions that arise from those who are reading this text. So until next time, we will share more and we wish you a most blessed day. Thank you

Day 1 – later

We are the Elohim; we welcome you to this venue. We are excited as this process will allow us to speak more often.

We have received many questions from the audience of the radio show journeys with Rebecca. We shall attempt to answer all of the questions that are presented for consideration. Those of you who have written questions we must say they are profound indeed. We are excited to bring forth what information we can share that would make sense to you. Some explanations are difficult at best to put into language, speech, written words that make it comprehensible. This statement is not one of avoidance, rather a statement of explanation. We shall try to bring forth answers and information in a clear concise manner. Once we begin dialoguing more frequently, the better, clearer and depth of information will be forthcoming. We will begin answering questions that were submitted previously over the next week. These answers or explanations are directly related to the open discussion of channeling and us the Elohim. We have much to share and little time to share all things we know. So for the purpose of this exchange we shall attempt to answer only those who have asked questions or share information that we feel is needed in the immediate. We also ask of you those who are reading this, that if this information does not resonate with you then this would not be a place for you to find your Truth. We thank you for your time, in love and remembrance The Elohim

Day 1-continued

We are the Elohim and we welcome you again. This part is an open invitation to send your questions for the Elohim to answer via this venue. We shall ask that you send all enquiries to in the subject line of your email please add: questions for the Elohim. Once we have a few more questions we shall attempt to sort them in areas of similarities. Once completed, we shall begin by repeating the questions we have received followed by answers or information. We can not always answer each and every question we may receive. We ask that you are honorable when you are preparing questions. We are here simply to share what we can for you during this most auspicious time in human “history”.

We thank you for your time, in love and remembrance the Elohim

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