Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Feb. 2nd 2010

I have a great guest tonight on the show - Justice Bartlett be sure to tune in to listen to the live show www.journeyswithrebecca.com We will be doing some "sessions" right online on air! How fabulous. Be sure to bring your own questions as well. We will be getting into some more conversation on Strings of Energy and Quantum Healing information. Will be a great show! 8-10 PM Central Time

Donations are needed now more than ever please use the donation buttons found on my website, or if you would like to help support the show I have great rates on advertising and many options! Please contact me via any of the e-mail addresses found throughout the site!

Also am doing a bit of a survery, am trying to put together some video classes and would like to know what others may be interested in learning about so e-mail me with your suggestions!

Elohim transcripts will be upcoming very soon - so keep checking and be sure to check out all the updates found on my website!
Keep listening and be sure to sign up for your readings!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hi there everyone. Tonight will be Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot joining me on the show at 8 PM Central time.
I am putting together material now to post here from the channeling of the Elohim. It will also be available on the website as well. Soon there will be questions that are answered and it will all be posted in audio form.
There will be weekly posts here too from the Elohim starting in Feb 2010.
Also am looking to expand my radio show to other stations who wish to air it - please contact me at mailbag@journeyswithrebecca.com and looking for advertisers - banner advertisers or the full package - check out the advertising page on the site for more information.
I am also scheduling for Reiki in the Quantum classes (traditional Reiki with a great expansion to it) in the Kansas City area or Columbia Missouri area. If you are not in the area listed please contact me anyway to see if we can work something out for you!
My Reading Special price ends this month of January so contact me now to schedule your appointment.
Much more information coming!