Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hi Everyone! Well it certainly has been busy around here! I have been putting together a lot of new information to move Journeys with Rebecca into expansion. I have a lot of changes coming up over the next few weeks and as I can will post here what some of them are.
I would like to share an e-mail here with an audience member and a friend who sent this to me a few weeks ago:

Hope this not finds you doing ok. Know you are busy so will keep this short. I would like to present an offer to you and the other listeners. If you can find someone to pay the other half I will pay $125 monthly cost of upgrading the bandwidth. When you have wonderful guests like Cliff High, Kerry Cassidy, etc. the listeners need to be able to hear the show live. I believe your show is a very important element in helping people to continue to awaken and stay current on what is happening in these amazing times.

Love and blessings,

So anyone out there wanting to commit to this please let me know right away! And I must say how generous and beautiful this is!!!!

I am also starting my Quantum Reiki (Usui) classes soon and am still looking for a location in the Kansas City area that could accomodate the needs of the facility for classes and more. Please contact me at:

Keep listening and thanks for your support!!!

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