Thursday, January 29, 2009



“They” have always been with me. I have never known them to ever not be
with me. “They” are my guides who after 40 plus years with me gave me
their identity, “we are the Elohim”. So that is further down the road
here. Let me give you a beginning to this.

I have communicated since my earliest memories to them, always loving,
kind and wise. They never steered me wrong, although I many times chose
not to listen to what they shared with me for my own growth especially
in my teen years and very early 20’s.

As I moved into my 30’s they became an energy source and communicated
with me very clearly and loudly. I began to pay very close attention to
what they were saying. I followed what they shared with me for growth,
wisdom, releasing and embracing new thoughts of consciousness. It was
during this time that a wave of information was coming from others who
had similar messages and information. My world was really opening now. I
had always known that the way life presented by the established criteria
really was not how things were meant to be for any of us. I explored
this deeper and deeper with them through my many hours of meditation and
energy work. Time and time again I was given the timing of learning
about new ways of being, through forms of energy healing, visions and
experiences. I realized during these years that I had shed a lot of what
had been programmed to be “normal”. I began to more and more each day
integrates them into my life and my being. This process in my 30’s
allowed for me to see with clarity how much we had lost our way to
Creator to each other and ourselves. It also allowed me to see how to
find our way back with such a strong connection and conviction that it
was impossible not to see how really everything is divinely playing out
in a beautiful ballet.

In my late 30’s everything shifted again, into a higher gear so to speak
with my “guides”. I had someone who had come to me and asked me what are
your guide’s names? I was stunned! I never ever thought to ask them for
their “name” as they had always been with me and it just never occurred
to me to do that! So I pondered that for a bit and let it go. During an
Energy healing session I was working on a lady and they had been sharing
with me some of the problems she was having and how she could help to
correct some imbalances within her. I heard “We are the Elohim”. I was
surprised and asked them, “who are you”? “We are the Elohim and we are
the ones who have always been with you throughout time”. I had heard of
them but knew nothing of them really. So I asked “who are the Elohim”? I
was told to research and when the time came they would communicate to me
who they were based on the information I acquired through my research.

So research I did, I spoke to many people I read everything on them I
could find. What I concluded was the information was contradictory,
inconclusive and did not feel accurate to me. I now felt I was ready to
ask them again about all of this information that I had gotten as to who
they really were. What a surprise I got.

To fill in a bit more during this same time I delved into channeling,
mediation, all forms of energy healing, crystals, developed my
clairvoyance further, automatic writing, spirit release, non directive
hypnosis, past life regressions, sacred geometry, quantum physics , and
experienced things that have forever changed what I thought was
important or real. Also, during the late 80’s and early 90’s I co-hosted
a local TV show called Psychic voyages for a few years and hosted my own
called Psychic Impressions. I began to facilitate workshops for
Meditation, Self-Empowerment – Reiki – Tarot-The Intuitive Approach,
Past Life Regressions and others. Also I began to be called on to do
clearings and identification of Spirits found in homes or businesses. I
was called upon to find missing children and to solve deaths. I worked
with several Police officers off the record for years and was also
filmed by the Justice Department on a case involving the deaths of
firefighters. I get called on to assist in cases that are of a legal
nature or are in litigation, and to assist business owners in creating
the right mix of people in all levels of their companies to assure that
the right people are in the right places and to uncover areas that are
not working for the company and all concerned.

During the last 10 years the Elohim have been very close and have really
shared who they are what their messages are for anyone who cares to
listen. Although we do not do many public channeling’s they are always
ever present in any conversation.

Their message is this: “We have always been and always will be. We are
your past present and future. We come to tell you that in this time
space you recognize as this life, you have many opportunities to create
a world for the future that will no longer hold the negative forces that
have resided here in the physical world of the Earth. That through
letting go of fear, lack, mistrust and other emotions that make you less
than you are, you can enjoy peace, harmony and a Earth that again is
abundant, teeming with all forms of life and beauty that it will make
the soul sing. Be not afraid of the times ahead, embrace this
magnificent opportunity. We are the Elohim and we love you”.

With Blessings and Love

Rebecca Jernigan

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to make a comment about the Elohim. I too channel, and I have begun to do channeled and mediumship readings profesionally. I was writing in my journal and I was interrupted by a transmission from a group that called themselves the Elohim. I had never heard of this before. I knew that that word is considered another word for God, but not of a group of entities. I looked online about this group but it seems like they are considered a non-spiritual group, however in my transmission they spoke of love and raising human consciousness. So now I'm confused whether they are considered spiritual or not. I guess I could ask, but this is all very new so I am not sure how to take all of this. Your thoughts?