Wednesday, November 19, 2008

History and More...

Hi Everyone!

Well this blog posting is going to cover a few topics. I have been
receiving a lot of e-mails and have had a wide and variant topics
discussed with me personally. Because there are so many and it is
getting harder and harder to find the time to respond to each person
individually, I thought this may be a good way to accomplish this. I
will also be talking about a few personal topics too.

First, a little history: I started my radio show about 6 years ago. It
came about in such a way that I was unsure that this is what I was
supposed to be doing. Hosting a radio show that is. I had been on local
Television shows for about 3 years – doing live readings and
interviewing those who had written books or had products or services as
they related to the Metaphysical/Spiritual/Paranormal genre. The station
was sadly bought out by a big name Cable company that removed all the
local programming. After that was a series of events for the next 10
years that took me from teaching small intimate groups to speaking to
larger groups of hundreds or more. I also taught classes on topics such
as Reiki, Spiritual Energy healing, Meditation, Tarot the Intuitive
approach among others. I also did and still do personal readings for
people. Prior to all of this though I had been trained and certified in
business techniques for sales and service. This training (which was a 3
year time frame) served me well when on TV for much of my certification
training was videotaped for critiquing later to improve my skills. So
being in front of a camera was not a foreign thing to me. The radio was
a different story. I learned a lot about radio as far as being a guest
but little working knowledge on how to start one. So after a lot of
research it came about 6 years ago.

The radio show, Journeys with Rebecca, was a result of knowing that one
person did not have all the answers so why not bring others on to talks
about what they do and what they know? So it began. Although not exactly
how I envisioned it from the beginning it took on a life of its own. The
guests I choose are done so intuitively so that the audience can benefit
from their knowledge and expertise. Before each show I talk with the
Guest to find out how they wish to present their material/knowledge,
etc. Each person has a place of passion I call it. This passion is what
drives them to research and develop their perspective and viewpoint. At
that point I honor their passion as that is what has brought them to the
point where a book has been written or a DVD made or a product developed

The reason for sharing this bit of history with all of you is that I get
many many e-mails from people who although for the most part, are kind
in their communication to me they also do not fully understand the
development of my show for the last 6 years. I honestly appreciate those
well intentioned e-mails for improvement but ultimately I will have to
follow what I know works for both myself and the guest as well as bring
to you honest communication from the 2 hours weekly of the live
broadcast. But even more important is that the audience has
opportunities to share and ask questions with the guest and I to get
into what is important to for you/them.

This truly has been a labor of love. All monies for the development,
Equipment, Maintenance, streaming, websites, production and marketing
this has fell upon me. It has been costly in terms of finances and
rewarding for all the people who have benefited from my unique guests
and the vast wealth of knowledge them and myself have shared through the
years. So for the first time in the history of the show about a month
ago I asked for donations. Several of you have been so very kind to
assist by donating funds so that the archives and all materials are free
to anyone and everyone. Every time I upgrade the stream it maxes out the
next week so each week I have to add more streaming capabilities so that
as many as possible can tune in to the show. This is now taking the cost
of the show to hundreds of dollars a month just in this cost. So in
order to continue to upgrade the stream I am asking for anyone that can
help assist in offsetting the costs by donating what you can afford to
keep this growing and uninterrupted.

Now last month my hits to my website reached way over the 1 million mark
and although it is not the first time it is now a consistent number. As
I was looking at my mid month stats this month of November I have
already doubled that number! And the month is only half over! So thank
you each and every one of you for your visits to my site! It may be a
good time for those of you looking for an inexpensive way of getting
your product or service noticed as well so there are sponsorship
packages still available as well. If you are interested in that please
e-mail at:

Blessings to each and every one of you who are reading this! Without you
there would be no show! I honor you and Blessings!

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grandmakaren said...

Hey Rebecca,

Thanks for sharing you journey thus far, amazing where life continues to take us. We are all on a wonderful journey together and you have my great appreciation for bringing to us each guests incredible journey.

Love and Blesssings